Honors & Awards

Know anyone who gives of his or her resources to the community without much fanfare or reward?

Is there someone you see donating talents or time without any motivation other than to be helpful?

If so, here’s your opportunity to recognize them.

Crittenden County Chamber of Commerce recognizes community involvement and achievement through its annual awards, including Unsung Hero, Community Pride, Customer Service and Volunteer of the Year.

The group is also seeking suggestions for its Person of the Year honor.

Person of the Year is the most coveted award the Chamber doles out annually. Its aim is recognize a person whose outstanding leadership and community service over a period of time has made a positive and lasting impact on the area and its citizens.

The Community Pride Award targets businesses or groups who have demonstrated pride in their community through improvements made to their own establishment or improvements to a public facility.

The Chamber’s Unsung Hero honors an individual who has made a difference in the community but has neither sought nor received public recognition. This award goes to a person who often works behind the scenes to improve the quality of life for others.

Volunteer of the Year is a tribute to an individual or individuals who performs community service on their own time without compensation.

The Customer Service Award identifies a individual who goes above and beyond normal demands of his or her job to provide extraordinary customer service.

Nominations may be submitted via email to crittendencountychamber@gmail.com or provided in writing at the Chamber office at the Marion Welcome Center at Marion Commons.

Selections will be made by Chamber directors and will be presented during the group’s annual meeting and dinner generally held in April.

Person of the Year
2016: Robin Curnel
2015: Brandi Rogers
2014: Regina Merrick
2013: Terry Bunnell
2012: Mona Manley
2011: Chris Cook
2010: Joe Yarbrough
2009: Chris Evans
2008: Judy Winn
2007: Gareth Hardin
2006: Fred Brown
2005: Zac Greenwell
2004: Rose Crider
2003: Steve Davidson
2002: Barry Gilbert
2001: J. Wade Berry
2000: Jim Hatfield
1999:  Dulcie Hardin
1998: Nancy Hunt
1997: Lois Hicks
1996: Marlene James
1995: Richard Conrad
1994: Gordon Guess
1993: Charles Tinsley
1992: Ethel and Thomas Tucker
1991: Alan Stout
1990: George Patmor
1989: Mickey Alexander

Unsung Hero
2016: Kathey Penn Belt
2015: Chris Evans
2014: Mike Crabtree
2013: David Travis
2012: Greg Rushing
2011: Brandi Rogers
2010: Brenda Underdown
2009: Jim and Merle Myers
2008: Tina Walker
2007: Donnetta Travis
2006: James C. Johnson
2005: Emily Shelby
2004: Steve Cosby
2003: Perry Newcom
2002: Paja Crider
2001: Sarah Ford
2000: Mike Byford
1999:  Donnie Corley
1998: Allison Mick Evans
1997: Chris Cook
1996: Ronnie Stubblefield
1995: Larry Duvall
1994: Marlene James
1993: Jack Voss
1992: Ramona Ford
1991: Erika Crider
1990: Richard Conrad
1989: Lois HIcks, Larry Orr
1988: Ethel Tucker
1987: Diana Byford

Volunteer of the Year
2016: Natalie Parish
2015: Kristie Beavers
2014: Kim Vince
2013: Fred Stubblefield
2012: Bob Briley
2011: Toyia Redd
2010: Helen Lewis
2009: Sarah Ford
2008: Margaret Gilland
2007: Ron Padget

Customer Service
2016: Melanie Loyd
2015: Clifton Etheridge
2014: Pam Enoch
2013: Ideal Gas
2012: Terry Ford Insurance
2011: Farmers Bank tellers
2010: Donny Herron
2009: Alma Tabor
2008: Keith Hart

Community Pride
2016: Heritage at Marion Country Club
2015: Beavers Car Wash
2014: Johnson's Furniture & Appliance
2013: Marion Fire Department
2012: Marion Tourism, Marion Main Street, City of Marion
2011: Wright Plaza
2010: The Peoples Bank
2009: Crittenden County Detention Center
2008: Marion Bobcats
2007: Myers Funeral Home
2006: Superior Trophies and Screen Printing
2005: Crittenden County entucky Farm Bureau
2004: Thom Hawthorne/Hawthorne Enterprises
2003: Par 4 Plastics
2002: American Legion Post 111
2001: Crittenden Health Systems
2000: Bowtanical Florist & Gift Shop
1999: Farmers Bank & Trust Co.
1998: Thoms' Sweet Shoppe
1997:The Peoples Bank
1996: Crittenden County High School
1995: n/a
1994: Liberty Fuels, Kentucky Utilities Co.
1993: Stout Law Office
1992: Sureway

More Criteria for Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards

  • Chamber Person of the Year – This is the Chamber’s most coveted award and recognizes an individual(s) for outstanding leadership through community service, generally, over a period of time.  The individual(s) selected always puts the community first and offers to do the often thankless jobs.
  • Community Pride – This award is given to a business or organization demonstrating pride in their community by either improvements made to their own establishment or improvements to a public facility/property.
  • Unsung Hero – This award is presented to an individual who has made a difference in our community but has not received public recognition for their contributions.  Often this will be the “behind the scenes” person who gets the project completed or makes sure everything is done.  Often they help other gain recognition.  Sometimes this will be an individual whose accomplishments are known only to a small group or a soft-hero award for less than life-saving but a “Paul Revere” type.
  • Volunteer of the Year – This award recognizes an individual for outstanding volunteer service in Crittenden County.  The individual performs their volunteer service on their own time and is not compensated financially.  Nominations must be in writing and explain why the individual should be selected.
  • Customer Service – This is to recognize an individual who goes beyond the normal demands of their job to give customer service that is believed to be extraordinary.  The individual does not have to be Chamber member but the business to which the individual is associated must be.  Nominations must be in writing and explain why the individual should be selected.